Re-Imagine the world inbold new ways!

We are a European Start-up Studio with fresh ideas.
We are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn them into global leaders!

You are ambitious and feel that you could do more than what your current job allows? You are an intrapreneur tired of company routine, but you lack the idea and support to become a forthright entrepreneur? You want to make a dent in the universe, and now is your time?
Deal! We are looking for burgeoning CEOs and CTOs to set those disruptive projects on fire!

Pick your idea, and let's start a conversation!

Venga!Labs is about category creation

We are interested in fresh ideas, giving birth to blue ocean markets. We try to understand what people lack or the pain points that frustrate them. We want to become the first to find the fix. And, in doing so, establishing our purpose.

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A few words

About us

Venga!Labs is a European Start-up Studio with fresh ideas!

We help first-time entrepreneurs turn fresh ideas into successful businesses.
During the initial 18 months, we provide projects, resources (co-founder, network of experts), and mentoring to lay the foundations of future global leaders.
We are focused on Category Creation, which means we are interested in fresh ideas, giving birth to blue ocean markets. We try to understand what people lack or the pain points that frustrate them. We want to become the first to find the fix. And, in doing so, establishing our purpose.Join us and create new categories!

Our investment thesis

The driving force behind Venga!Labs is the perception that many processes we are submitted to are a vestige of the past; since they were created, many legacy layers were added on top of one another. Eventually, we have a flawed process, utterly complicated, difficult to maintain, or improve. Younger generations don't understand the complexity they inherited, nor the seeming absence of common sense in supervision. It's time to build processes for the digital generation and stop thinking about contingencies.Let's make it simple and meaningful!

The deal

We provide:
- Fresh, groundbreaking ideas
- Up to 100k€ credit for expenses before incorporation
- 100k€ SAFE financing before external fundraising
- Up to 18-months collaborative work
- Lifetime support to founders
The collaborative period consists of:
- Stage 1: Incubation
We will be working together on laying the foundation of the future company: market research, positioning, competitive analysis, ideal customer profile (ICP), minimum viable product (MVP), business model, go to market (GTM) strategy, product-market fit (PMF), brand style guide. In addition, we provide our first-hand experience and a network of (paid) top-level experts to shape the project in the best possible way.
- Stage 2: Creation
In due time, we'll assist in creating the NewCo: bylaws, bank account, shareholders' agreement. We'll contribute to the pitch deck and business plan; we'll help organize meetings with business angels, venture funds, and family offices.
- Stage 3: Operation
We will work on the organizational foundation: org chart, management software stack, talent acquisition, and retention strategies.
As a success fee, we take a 20% equity stake in the NewCo (or 10% if you originated the idea).

The process

You are interested in one of our fresh ideas (or if you come with your own fresh idea)? You want to become a founder or co-founder?Here is how it works:
1. Getting to know each other
After you notify us, we'll get in touch and organize conversations to verify that there is a match: we share the same mindset, passion, and vision for turning this idea into a new category leader.
2. Signing cooperation terms
You will review our partnership agreement and we will sign it.
3. Hands-on collaboration
We will jointly work on the above tasks for 18 months (we may quit before if the project is a no-go).
4. Hands-off mentoring
You'll be fully in charge. We will keep our mentorship role preferably as a board member.

About our founder: Stephane Lee

After co-founding and being the CEO of an enterprise SaaS company acquired by RingCentral (RNG on NYSE), I am willing to help first-time entrepreneurs create meaningful businesses, leveraging my experience launching, running, and selling a successful start-up.

Why did you start Venga!Labs?
Several reasons:
1. I realized that I honed some skills in defining a vision and setting the stage to execute on it.
2. I am bored listening to people complaining about issues and doing nothing. Venga!Labs expresses this motto: "let's go for it!"
3. I am also mindful of founders wasting their energy and investors' money on inconsequential, incremental or me-too projects.
What are your values?
I appreciate the commitment to excellence, honesty, empathy, and resilience that many founders have.
What is your measure of success?
1. Volume: number of NewCos incorporated, number of investor rounds, number of exits.
2. Scalability: the lowest ratio between raised capital and revenues, marginal costs leaning to zero.
3. Experience: learning, having fun, and meet great people!
How old are you?
Old enough to know a few things about life and business, young enough to still have dreams!

Where are you based?
I live in Provence, France but I spend most of my time online.
What are the 3 books you'd recommend reading?
There are tons of great business books out there, those that come to mind are: Crossing the chasm by Geoffrey Moore, The Innovator's dilemma by Clayton Christensen, Digital Darwinism by Tom Goodwin
What kind of movies do you like most?
I like anticipation movies like space exploration and Asian movies showing hidden emotions and the transcendency of time.
What musical genre do you listen to?
I shamelessly listen to teenage girl music (because of my daughters), but my musical roots are funk, soul, and dance music. I was a Prince fanboy.

Some questions?

Our answers

Venga!Labs is a European Start-up Studio working on fresh ideas with a full-stack innovation mindset.
Please think of us as your co-founder!

A Start'up Studio is a company fostering collaborative efforts between co-founders and a team of experts to create new businesses ("NewCos"). We work on market research, foundational ideas, business model, Go To Market strategy, Minimum Viable Product, and financing needs.

We are not looking at incremental change; we are willing to reimagine things as if we had to start again from a blank page.
Full-stack innovation means bypassing all the legacy layers that compose most existing processes, either technological, behavioral, or economical.

We are looking for passionate, assertive, and ambitious CEOs and CTOs with substance and structure, globally-minded!

We favor significant problems where we can provide a step-change in usage flexibility or simplicity. But we can also fall in love with quick, smart fixes that resolve vertical gaps.

We want to generate a lot of companies that will have a significant impact on our everyday life.

We are agnostic as to the ideal customer profile; our founder has a B2B background though.

We have a number of projects/ideas we want to work on, but we are open to external ideas, as long as they are still just that - fresh ideas.

Ideas our founder love: brand new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, full-stack innovation.

From the time the founding team is complete, we expect to spend the first 12 months working on market validation and a minimum viable Product/Brand.

In due time, when there are some customers to invoice or some investors to onboard.

We wish to keep a mentorship role, preferably as a board member.

We are fully hands-on before incorporating NewCos and hands-off thereafter.

It is not in our intention, external validation is favored.
We commit to a 100k€ SAFE though, to fund the bridge between incorporation and initial fundraising.

We take an equity stake in the NewCos: 20% if we originated the idea, 10% otherwise.
We also claim an interest rate on our shareholder current account.

We are working on a legal framework, that will be linked here when tested/proven.

We identified a dozen of top experts that we work with and our ecosystem will expand over time.

The Duh! moments are when, all of a sudden, you see something in a new way. Or you suddenly realize that you CAN do something you thought was impossible. Duh! At that moment, your world changes, even if only in just a small way. Remember the first time you used an Apple device, hailed a ride with Uber or ordered on Amazon? Our projects aim to create that moment of enlightenment, awakening, and realization.

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